1.Known Bugs

#1 Zipped rom load error
     cannot load any zipped rom after you loaded some zipped roms.

         a.load an unzipped rom,then load zipped rom.
         b.restart the emulator :(

#2 Combo key error
     If you only enable (1P or 2P) B Combo,then there's a bug:A Key isn't avaluable,and B key not in combo mode.

         I don't know how to fix it,but I'll try >_<
         So you DON'T use it yet.

#3 Cannot close it once by click "X" button
     That was a strange bugs....

         You need to close it twice,then the program will really closed.

#4 Cannot release resource(ram,cpu usage) after click "Pause"
     It's a old bug from olafnes.

         Nothing except open a window("Rom info","About",etc.).

#4 Joy key error..........(fixed)
     It's a old bug.

         Fixed in Ver 0.02,if you found this still error,please tell me via email.