##### Olafnes Rebuild v0.04

Build Time: 2007-10-15

* limit fps is avaluable
* updated config settings,now can create ini automaticlly

Download Installer(no source contained):


* OlafnesR.exe - MD5: 5B2B3F5D64346A3530B4BD250591F77A

##### Olafnes Rebuild v0.03

Build Time: 2007-10-02

* little fixed mapper 250
* save screen to JPG is avaluable,and you can set JPG Quality
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* rewrite the control code,maybe joystick cannot used yet(I haven't any joystick to test it)
* add mapper 117 support
San Guo Zhi 4 - Chi Bi Feng Yun (As) [!]:
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* multi-language support(incompleted)

Download Installer(include source):


* OlafnesR.exe - MD5: BD4A7A4EC9B3E1FC16731AAC5DD07413

##### Olafnes Rebuild v0.02

Build Time: 2007-08-10

* add Mapper 79(pal error)

Double Strike:
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* fixed Mapper 7(little better than before,but "Cabal" is unplayable)

Arch Rivals:
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* fixed control input bug(your pressed was NOT your seen)
* fixed FPS bug
* move frames info to menu line(File Options Help [Fps] [Frames])


* OlafnesR.exe - MD5: 887B111044F8804F1427C3F79FE4F6EC

##### Olafnes Rebuild v0.01 (not "Alpha 6",that was my mistake)

Build Time: 2007-08-07

* add NES Header check.error header can load in this time(IT MAY CAUSE CRITICAL ERROR !)
* "screenshot" can select folder and filename now
* auto save config after some menu clicked,and there's a menu can disable auto save


* OlafnesR.exe - MD5: 2A848701B32D3AE6654098C5FA452D8B

^^^^^ Earliest Version,contain no source in it ^^^^^

##### Olafnes Rebuild v0.01 Alpha 5

Build Time: 2007-07-31

* add Joypad 2 controls(a terrible things which I ignored...)
* add Mapper 75(working incorrect,tested rom "King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch(J)")
* add Mapper 94

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* add a menu to directly watch FRAMES info on window title
* add "PRG-ROM","CHR-ROM" and "Mirror" info on console window and rom info window
* splitted 1P key combo and 2P key combo menu(A=off & B=on still incorrect...I'll skip this question somedays,maybe one month,maybe forever > <)
* [not emulator update - 1 ] add "DeleteDll.bat" to delete "Unzip32.dll" automaticlly.


* OlafnesR.exe - MD5: 0E616C31C2A0FDC1D8B711617BF185E3

##### Olafnes Rebuild v0.01 Alpha 4

Build Time: 2007-07-29(yes,build Alpha 3 and Alpha 4 at same day)

* add "Auto Click",not hold,just click once(this time have "A+B+START" and "SELECT+START")
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* add "Hard Reset"
* 1P combo(button A,B) can uesd yet,check the menu first[except A=off & B=on,there's a small bug]
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* deleted WMP ocx which I forgot
* fixed something small


##### Olafnes Rebuild v0.01 Alpha 3

Build Time: 2007-07-29

* add Mapper 8

Dragon Ball - Shen Long no Nazo (J) [hM08].nes:
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* add Mapper 57

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* add Mapper 250(many bugs)

Timer Diver Avenger.nes:
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##### Olafnes Rebuild v0.01 Alpha 2

Build Time: 2007-07-27

* add a menu to disable log window
* add CRC32 check(from olaf's vbsms+)
* add "Movie" menu,but nothing used yet
* auto unload rom before load new rom
* recoded "Rom Info" window
* updated of log info
* deleted some unused code
* cannot change size except from menus(some bugs in it,which I couldn't fixed)
* fixed auto pause bug


##### Olafnes Rebuild v0.01 Alpha 1

Build Time: 2007-07-25

* add opening theme(Xiao Ba Wang) into exe file's resource,so the file seems larger a little than the "RC" version
* add log window(cannot disabled at this version)
* fixed some small bugs
* deleted some code which I think it's impossible
* recoded "About" window