about Olafnes Rebuild


based on olafnes v0.2.1,instead the codename "RC".design for Chinese Famicom Compatible Machine call it "Xiao Ba Wang".

developed by fantasynoff.

This program under GPL lisense.

about olafnes


olafnes is an enhanced unofficial continuation of the basicnes 2000 project (as of version 1.5 [debug level 1]), a nintendo entertainment system emulator by don jarrett, david finch, and tobias strömstedt. the majority of source code in olafnes was not written by me, therefore i take no credit for the appropriate portions. however, all additions/alterations to the source code of basicnes 2000 v1.5 [debug level 1] are entirely by me (unless stated otherwise) in olafnes.

the original set of releases of olafnes were based on basicnes 2000 v1.5 [debug level 2], but i have since moved to v1.5 [debug level 1]. this release was much faster on older pcs, and i fixed it up to have the best of original olafnes releases and v1.5 [debug level 2]. these releases won't appear too different from the original set of releases, but it's all "under-the-hood" work and menu changes basically.




olafnes (c) 2004 - Now, kevin miller (olaf).

Olafnes Rebuild (c) 2007 - Now, fantasynoff(aka. Yamada Amane).

VBNES (c) 2005 - Now, temryu

basicnes (c) 1996 - Now, don jarrett (portions (c) 2000-2006, david finch).

m6502 (c) 1997 - Now, don jarrett & tobias strömstedt.

nintendo entertainment system (r) and references to "nintendo" (c) 1997-2006, nintendo of america inc.

all rights reserved.

This emulator is only for education and development purposes only,if you don't have the legally game,so can't use it to play games.